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The Cloud Bookkeeping Revolution!

In this world of ever increasing speed and efficiency we are seeing a huge number of businesses making the move to cloud based bookkeeping solutions.  But why?  We would like to take the opportunity to explain to you the benefits of cloud bookkeeping, and why it is the future for business owners and accountants alike.


The Benefits of Flat Rate VAT

Flat rate VAT is just one of many schemes set up by the Government to make VAT easier for small businesses.  Over time there has been conflicting information published about whether the flat rate scheme is actually beneficial for small businesses or not.  This article will give you the facts and provide you with example […]


Construction Industry Scheme: What you need to know

If you work on a construction site or know someone that does, then the term Construction Industry Scheme (also known as “CIS”) is one you will be familiar with. But do you know exactly what it means to fall under the scheme? Here we will give an overview of the scheme and detail each person’s […]


4 Ways to Improve Your Gross Profit Margin

In an article a few months ago we explained to you what each of the figures in your profit and loss account means.  In this article we are going to focus on the gross profit margin, and more specifically, how to improve this figure.


Taxation of Company Assets: The Basics

As a limited company owner is it extremely important that you understand the difference between your personal assets and the limited company assets.  You and your company are taxed independently of each other and are subject to differing legislation, so establishing ownership of assets used within the business activities is essential for correct tax treatment.


IR35: Explained

If you provide some kind of personal service to just one “customer” you may have heard your accountant use the phrase “IR35.”  But what does this phrase mean?  In this week’s article we will explain to you what IR35 means, how it may affect you, and the consequences for non-compliance.


Why Exam Results Aren’t Everything

Education is a very important part of today’s society.  There doesn’t seem to be a job vacancy out there that doesn’t require some form of qualification and or experience.  With GCSE and A-level students throughout the UK collecting their exam results last week we felt it necessary to point out that there are a lot […]


What is Money Laundering?

The term money laundering gets used quite a lot in modern day business, and increasingly in the news, but we wonder if you know exactly what it means?  In this article we hope to enlighten you on what money laundering is exactly, and how it can have major impacts on your business and your life.


Step By Step Guide: Profit and Loss

Are you guilty of signing your accounts without fully understanding what they are telling you?  Well be confused no longer!  Our step by step guide will talk you through exactly what your figures mean, and how you can use them to help improve your results.

charity donations

Tax Benefits of Charity Donations

When the economy heads for challenging times, charities are one of the first areas to feel the pinch.  With the Government making drastic spending cuts, local authorities are forced to reduce or cease grant funding for charities.