Information for Sole Traders


Self Assessment Status

Are you required to complete a self assessment tax return each year? Too often we are faced with helping people who don’t know the answer to this, what should be a very simple, question.


Is Your Business Innovative?

As employees we are all used to going to job interviews and being asked the same old questions… why do you want to work here?… what can you bring to the role?  When you make the decision to become self employed and start up by yourself those interview days are well and truly behind you……


Subsistence: The Facts

Subsistence has always been a very grey area where taxation is concerned.  Knowing in what circumstances a claim for subsistence is acceptable, and then knowing how much is allowable, can feel like a bit of a minefield.  This article aims to shed some light on the subject and guide small business owners on the right…


IR35: Explained

If you provide some kind of personal service to just one “customer” you may have heard your accountant use the phrase “IR35.”  But what does this phrase mean?  In this week’s article we will explain to you what IR35 means, how it may affect you, and the consequences for non-compliance.


What is Money Laundering?

The term money laundering gets used quite a lot in modern day business, and increasingly in the news, but we wonder if you know exactly what it means?  In this article we hope to enlighten you on what money laundering is exactly, and how it can have major impacts on your business and your life.