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The Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament, in London, UK.

Autumn Budget Statement 2023

Today on 22nd November 2023 the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, laid out his budget for the UK economy to the House of Commons.

Interest rate and dividend concept, businessman calculating income and return on investment, save, income, return, retirement, compensation fund, investment, dividend tax, stock market, saving, trade.

2023 Corporation Tax Changes

The biggest change to affect the UK corporation tax system has come into force from 1 April 2023. Do you know how the changes will affect you and your business? Have you made appropriate plans to mitigate the potential losses? Here I will explain how corporation tax works, and what you can do to mitigate your losses under the new regime.

Young attractive Asian man blogger or vlogger looking at camera reviewing product. Modern businessman using social media for marketing. Business online influencer on social media concept.

Online Sales and Digital Content Creation

In January 2023 HMRC launched a one-to-many (OTM) letter campaign aimed at people who earn money from online marketplace sales, and people who earn money from content creation on digital platforms, in an attempt to help these people understand and meet their tax paying obligations under the UK tax system. Here we explain the approach being used by HMRC, and what to do if you either earn money from one of these sources, or if you receive a letter.


Autumn Budget Statement 2021

Today on 27th October 2021 the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced his Autumn Budget to parliament, and it would appear that pay day is here. 

how to set goals for your business

2016: The Year of Success

The difference between the businesses that just run to survive, and those that grow and thrive, is planning.  You want your business to be a success in 2016?  Then make a plan and stick to it!  Focus is the key to success and we hope to help you unlock yours with our 4 point plan.


Construction Industry Scheme: What you need to know

If you work on a construction site or know someone that does, then the term Construction Industry Scheme (also known as “CIS”) is one you will be familiar with. But do you know exactly what it means to fall under the scheme? Here we will give an overview of the scheme and detail each person’s […]


Why Exam Results Aren’t Everything

Education is a very important part of today’s society.  There doesn’t seem to be a job vacancy out there that doesn’t require some form of qualification and or experience.  With GCSE and A-level students throughout the UK collecting their exam results last week we felt it necessary to point out that there are a lot […]


Starting as we mean to go on

Hello and welcome to our new look website! Huge thanks to Jonathan at fairly marvellous for creating such a fantastic site for us (and putting up with the perfectionist in me!) We made the decision to re-vamp our website because we want to start as we mean to go on… by thinking big! We hold […]