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HMRC Investigations

HMRC Investigations – Are you covered?

We are going to explain exactly what HMRC investigation fee protection insurance is, and why all business owners need it.

Lady with more money from her company to shop

3 Ways to Extract Cash From Your Limited Company

This article is going to tell you exactly how you can extract cash from your limited company in the most tax efficient way possible.

Innovative Business Accounting Connections

Is Your Business Innovative?

As employees we are all used to going to job interviews and being asked the same old questions… why do you want to work here?… what can you bring to the role?  When you make the decision to become self employed and start up by yourself those interview days are well and truly behind you… […]

Tax free Christmas gifts

The Tax Free Guide to Christmas Gifts

Gift giving is a well known and valued Christmas tradition.  It is generally accepted that you give gifts to those you hold dear in order to show your gratitude and appreciation for their support throughout the year.  As business owners it is important to make both your staff and your loyal customers feel valued and […]

Office Christmas party

How to Enjoy a Tax Free Christmas Party

As an employer, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to show your employees some appreciation for the hard work they’ve put in throughout the year.  Christmas party season is in full swing, and you may be looking to host a company party of your own.  What if we told you that you could do that tax […]

Subsistence the facts Accounting Connections

Subsistence: The Facts

Subsistence has always been a very grey area where taxation is concerned.  Knowing in what circumstances a claim for subsistence is acceptable, and then knowing how much is allowable, can feel like a bit of a minefield.  This article aims to shed some light on the subject and guide small business owners on the right […]


The Benefits of Flat Rate VAT

Flat rate VAT is just one of many schemes set up by the Government to make VAT easier for small businesses.  Over time there has been conflicting information published about whether the flat rate scheme is actually beneficial for small businesses or not.  This article will give you the facts and provide you with example […]


4 Ways to Improve Your Gross Profit Margin

In an article a few months ago we explained to you what each of the figures in your profit and loss account means.  In this article we are going to focus on the gross profit margin, and more specifically, how to improve this figure.


Taxation of Company Assets: The Basics

As a limited company owner is it extremely important that you understand the difference between your personal assets and the limited company assets.  You and your company are taxed independently of each other and are subject to differing legislation, so establishing ownership of assets used within the business activities is essential for correct tax treatment.


IR35: Explained

If you provide some kind of personal service to just one “customer” you may have heard your accountant use the phrase “IR35.”  But what does this phrase mean?  In this week’s article we will explain to you what IR35 means, how it may affect you, and the consequences for non-compliance.