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Innovative Business Accounting Connections

Is Your Business Innovative?

As employees we are all used to going to job interviews and being asked the same old questions… why do you want to work here?… what can you bring to the role?  When you make the decision to become self employed and start up by yourself those interview days are well and truly behind you… […]

New Dividend Tax - more money in your pocket

New Dividend Tax: The Reality for your pocket

The new tax year is right around the corner, and with each new tax year comes new tax rules and thresholds.  The most publicised of the changes happening in the 2016/17 tax year is the change in the tax treatment of dividends.  This article will outline exactly what this change will mean to the money […]

Man ignoring self assessment deadline

Self Assessment Deadline Looming

January is a pretty predictable month. Each year you expect the gyms to be full, restaurants and pubs to be empty, and last but not least, that HMRC will put on a big advertising campaign to let us all know that the self assessment deadline is looming… this year is no different! It is pretty […]

how to set goals for your business

2016: The Year of Success

The difference between the businesses that just run to survive, and those that grow and thrive, is planning.  You want your business to be a success in 2016?  Then make a plan and stick to it!  Focus is the key to success and we hope to help you unlock yours with our 4 point plan.

Tax free Christmas gifts

The Tax Free Guide to Christmas Gifts

Gift giving is a well known and valued Christmas tradition.  It is generally accepted that you give gifts to those you hold dear in order to show your gratitude and appreciation for their support throughout the year.  As business owners it is important to make both your staff and your loyal customers feel valued and […]

Office Christmas party

How to Enjoy a Tax Free Christmas Party

As an employer, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to show your employees some appreciation for the hard work they’ve put in throughout the year.  Christmas party season is in full swing, and you may be looking to host a company party of your own.  What if we told you that you could do that tax […]

Subsistence the facts Accounting Connections

Subsistence: The Facts

Subsistence has always been a very grey area where taxation is concerned.  Knowing in what circumstances a claim for subsistence is acceptable, and then knowing how much is allowable, can feel like a bit of a minefield.  This article aims to shed some light on the subject and guide small business owners on the right […]


5 Tips for Keeping Good Financial Records

Taking the plunge into self employment is both an exciting and daunting prospect.  Whether you decide to become a sole trader or the director of a limited company, you will be the one who is responsible for providing good quality goods and services to your customers.  However, what most fail to realise is that you […]


Let Property Campaign: What you need to know

Tax avoidance is always a big topic of conversation for HM Revenue & Customs.  Each and every year they reveal different schemes to crack down on offenders so that they can recoup hundreds of thousands of pounds in unpaid taxes.  In a society ruled by electronic gadgets and social media sites, it is getting harder […]


Rental Income Explained

There are many people out there who rent out property (perhaps their old bachelor pad once they’ve moved in with the lady of their dreams) and don’t realise that in the eyes of the law, this makes them a landlord.  As a landlord you are required to register for income tax with HMRC and then […]