Not All Heroes Wear Capes

How many times have you gone to use the services of a business where they say “We’re different because we really care about our customers/clients”? I would imagine a lot. Well, how many of those businesses have been able to prove how much they care with actual examples of times they’ve gone over and above to help a client in need?

Today I want to showcase how my amazing team go over and above to help support our clients on a daily basis, with many of this having happened over the past month.

1) Recently Hazel was processing some bookkeeping for a client when she realised that the money the client had paid to HMRC hadn’t been credited to their corporation tax account like it should have been. Upon further inspection it was clear that the reason the money hadn’t been credited was because the wrong reference number was entered onto the payment by the client. Hazel leapt into action to contact HMRC to locate the payment and get it reallocated to our client’s corporation tax account. Our client, at the time, was blissfully unaware that the payment didn’t go to the correct place, and thanks to Hazel’s sharp eye we were able to save them a lot of time and stress by fixing the problem before they started getting chased for unpaid corporation tax!

2) Last week a client of ours was opening a business bank account for a new venture of his. Whilst in the meeting with the bank he realised that he was missing some evidence he needed for the company trading address to open the account, and if he couldn’t provide it straight away then he would have to make another appointment and go back again another day. He called us and I was able to get him the evidence he needed into his inbox within a matter of minutes, thereby enabling him to get his account opened that day and get his new venture started as planned.

3) We love the xero system and do all we can to encourage our clients to use it. Recently a client was really struggling to figure out how to send some invoices and remittances from the system and initially felt embarrassed to ask for help. When she did reach out it was Victoria who picked up held her hand through the whole process. She sat on the phone with her and explained exactly what buttons to press to get the results she was looking for, which helped greatly towards relieving her anxiety and those feelings of doubt.

4) As part of the year end accounting process we need to review company bank statements. One of our less technically savvy clients was really struggling with downloading bank statements from his online banking account. Ellie offered the client the opportunity to come to our office so that she could sit with him and help him do it step by step. He was so thankful for the time and patience Ellie showed him that I truly believe we have a client for life!

As a team we also support our client’s trades by eating in their cafés, buying their massages, and subscribing to their bread delivery services (that’s one of our favourites!). We put our money where our mouths are when it comes to caring for our clients because we genuinely want to see every single one of them succeed and achieve their goals.

If you read this and feel like we sound like a good fit for you and your business then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by emailing [email protected] or calling us on 01634 540340.

Until next time readers….stay connected 😉

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Natalie Pieri FCCA

Natalie Pieri FCCA

Managing Director

Natalie founded the company in 2014 and has been ACCA qualified since 2009. Natalie’s main role within the business is to oversee our day-to-day activities, provide support and advice to our clients, and to keep the whole team updated with the constantly changing accounting and tax legislations.

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