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Budget 2016 : Future Changes For Small Businesses

Chancellor George Osborne took to Parliament again on 16th March to present his most recent budget.  He reinforced the changes that are coming into effect from April this year, and also went on to outline the changes planned for the future.

Small Business Tax Changes April 2016

6 Tax Changes To Be Aware Of In April 2016

In July 2015 Chancellor George Osborne took to Parliament to present his Summer Budget.  During his speech he announced a number of changes that are due to affect small businesses all over the UK from April 2016.  As April draws nearer we felt it only right to remind you of the changes to come so…

New Dividend Tax - more money in your pocket

New Dividend Tax: The Reality for your pocket

The new tax year is right around the corner, and with each new tax year comes new tax rules and thresholds.  The most publicised of the changes happening in the 2016/17 tax year is the change in the tax treatment of dividends.  This article will outline exactly what this change will mean to the money…

New dividend tax rules explained

Explained: New Dividend Tax Rules

The new dividend tax rules, as announced by George Osborne during the Summer 2015 Budget presentation, are proving to be difficult for most people to comprehend.  There are a lot of “thresholds” and “tax rates” being mentioned, but no actual illustration to show exactly what this means to you as a small business owner.  We…


Summer Budget 2015: The Effects on Your Small Business

On 8 July 2015 the Chancellor (George Osborne) took to Parliament to announce the Conservative budget plans for the next 5 years… but what do the announcements mean to you as a small business owner? 1) Corporation Tax Reduction Corporation tax is the tax paid on limited company profits. The current rate of UK corporation tax…